reFit Gamo - The first digital therapy system for individual rehabilitation.

reFit Gamo is our video game platform for individualized therapy. The platform offers customized video games that can be controlled by various movements with the body. reFit Gamo was developed for use in clinics, rehabilitation centers and physiotherapeutic practices.

The movements to control the video games can be easily configured individually for each patient by the treating physician or therapist. In this way, every rehabilitation session is transformed into an exciting game.

Just have fun, forget the rehab and train at the same time!

Note: reFit Gamo is currently under development. It cannot be purchased yet.

reFit Gamo Box


Plan and configure

Therapist using reFit Control Center

Specialists use our customized software tools to easily create therapy sessions, according to individual patient conditions.

Games for therapy

Patients play entertaining, motion-based videogames. The individual therapy plan determines the movements used to control the games. Our smart biofeedback algorithms monitor the movements throughout each session to make sure patients do their exercises correctly.

Documentation and analysis

Sessions are stored in a secure cloud and evaluated automatically by our cutting edge algorithms. The specialists can access information about patients’ progress and session details, allowing them to adjust the therapy – anytime, anywhere.


Data collection

In several studies with over 500 children with different skill levels, we built a reference database for the reFit Gamo System.

Data mining

With modern machine learning algorithms, the system compares a player’s performance to the average group and puts it into easily understandable analyses and graphs.

Context aware classification

The information enables therapists and doctors to monitor and adapt the individual therapy more efficiently than ever before.

Built around therapy standards


Toby’s playground

A collection of mini-games played together with Toby, our friendly avatar. Toby shows the player different exercises and procedures, which can be adjusted individually. The player has to follow the exercises as closely as possible to get a high score.

With Toby’s Playground you can train single exercises as well as ready-made sequences.

Example: ‘Toby’s Balance Assessment

This gamified procedure is based on the Romberg test. The game offers a uniform and automated survey of balance and coordination parameters to support the treating professionals.

The type, duration and level of difficulty of the exercises can be freely adjusted. Toby shows and explains the exercises to the player, which the player must then imitate according to the settings.


  • Patient-individual adjustable postures and controls
  • Position and stability is checked throughout the whole session
  • 1 player
  • Very child friendly with introductions and explanations from the friendly avatar Toby
  • Recommended age: 5+

reFit Gamo Shop

In all the different reFit Gamo games, players can collect coins along their journey. These coins can be used in the Gamo Shop to buy new items for their individual avatars like clothes or racecars or accessories.

These classic game design principles help to keep the player motivated even over a long time to play the exercise games.

Underlord (free motion game)

Underlord is a free motion  puzzle game. Controls are not limited to preconfigured movements only. The game can be played by using the whole body or only the hands. Patients can use any motion and position that might help to reach the goal.

Game objective

The clumsy little goblins want to get home, but there are several dangers along the way. Be creative and use your hands or even your full body to help them!


  • Adjustable controls: full body, hands (left/right/both)
  • Can be played even with severe motor deficits
  • 1-2 Players
  • Several levels with increasing difficulty for cognition, coordination and reaction
  • Recommended age: 6+


Game Objective

MagiKart is a fast and competitive kart racing game. It provides four different levels and many extra features in each track. It is possible to play with 2 players in the popular split screen mode.

Adjustable controls

The movement controls for steering, special attack and reset can be configured individually for each player.


  • Competitive racing with multiple maps and action: power ups, boost, weapons and more
  • 1-2 players (split screen)
  • Many different movement controls (body, arms, hands, legs)
  • Playable sitting (wheelchair) or in standing position
  • Can be used with reFit Ergometers and Rodeobikes (outdoor)

Building Blocks

Game Objective

Building Blocks is a Virtual Reality game for hand rehabilitation. The player has an arsenal of different shapes and materials to choose from in order to build an endless amount of structures – creating their own magical world to explore.


  • Highly immersive Virtual Reality game that allows the creation of own, magical worlds
  • Uses common hand rehabilitation exercises to play
  • Cognitive, physical and creative challenges for the player of several difficulties
  • Integrated social interactions, sharing of own creations, high scores etc.