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Next Level Rehab!

reFit Gamo is our videogame platform created for individualized therapy. It includes our specially developed videogames that are controlled through different body movements. It is meant to be used in clinics, rehabilitation centers and doctors’ offices.
The movements that are used to control each game can easily be configured by the doctor according to the specific therapy needs.

Simply have fun, forget about the rehab and get better!

Security and Monitoring

In the background our smart monitoring algorithms continuously evaluate movement performance which are combined with a live biofeedback system. These tools support therapists to increase security and control during the whole therapeutic process.


Therapist using reFit Control Center

1 - Plan and configure

Specialists use our customized software tools to easily create therapy sessions, according to individual patient conditions.

Girl playing Toby's Assessment

2 - Games and therapy

Patients play entertaining, motion-based videogames. The individual therapy plan determines the movements used to control the games. Our smart biofeedback algorithms monitor the movements throughout each session to make sure patients do their exercises correctly.

reFit Analytics

3 - Automatic documentation and analysis

Sessions are stored in a secure cloud and evaluated automatically by our cutting edge algorithms. The specialists can access information about patients’ progress and session details, allowing them to adjust the therapy – anytime, anywhere.

reFit Gamo Moduls

Balance and coordination modules

Our modules for balance and coordination include specialized games and gamified assessments that are suited for the therapy of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and defective positions which derive from chronical or non-chronical disorders.

The games can be used for patients with different degrees of disability – standing or in the wheelchair. It’s even possible to play together with children who suffer from different conditions.

For the motion tracking, reFit Gamo uses sensors like Microsoft® Kinect™ , Intel® RealSense™ among other tracking devices. Depending on the patients rehabilitation plan a suitable sensor can be used.

Hand therapy modules

Underlord Screenshot

reFit Gamo includes sensors and games which are made for the assessment, therapy, and training of hands. There are two different type of games.

Games for specific movement therapy

The treating doctor defines which movements the patient needs to do for the rehabilitation. Exactly these movements will be used to control different videogames. Like this, it is made sure that patients train exactly what is needed for their therapy.

Free motion games

Experience shows that specified game controls for hand training are not always a good solution. Repetitive motions can get exhausting and boring quickly. Due to their disorder, for several patients can’t play these type of games. Therefore, reFit Gamo also provides games that are controlled more freely but are motivating and useful for the therapy nontheless. This enables the possibility to play our videogames even with severely reduced hand motion ranges.

Rodeobikes, Ergometers and more

Indoor and outdoor ergometers can be used to play the MagiKart racing game. Load and difficulty can be configured easily. Race against your friends and your training will never get boring!

reFit Control Center

With the reFit control center treating specialists have secure access to all therapy programs – anytime, anywhere. The reFit Control Center can be installed on PC, mobile devices or next to the reFit Gamo System.

Access is granted via a secure, encrypted connection. Only authorized person can access the data.


  • Manage patients and games of the reFit Gamo gaming platform
  • Define individual therapy programs for patients
  • See the patient’s activity
  • See scores and therapy progress
  • Watch individual sessions with detailed analysis


Toby's Balance Assessment

Toby's Balance Assessment

In Toby’s Balance Assessment you need to copy all the moves that the friendly avatar Toby shows you. The better you copy, the more points you get!

The gamified procedure is inspired by the Romberg Test. It provides a more standardized way of assessing balance and coordination parameters for doctors and therapists.



MagiKart is a classic kart racing game – except that it’s not. Play against your friend in splitscreen mode, while each of you are controlling the game with your individually configured controls!

  • Competitive racing with multiple maps and action: power ups, boost, weapons and more!
  • Features one and two player modes
  • Play with any movement (hands, body, arms, legs)
  • Play in sitting (wheelchair) or standing position
  • Can be used with reFit Ergometers and Rodeobikes (outdoor)

Underlord - Hand of Darkness

Underlord - Hand of Darkness

Underlord – Hand of Darkness. In this game, you control the hand of darkness. Your clumsy little goblins want to get home, but there are several dangers along the way. Be creative and use your hand (or even your full body) to help them!

Underlord is a free motion game. Here, the player is not limited to do only preconfigured movements. He or she can use any motion and position that might help to reach the goal.

reFit Game-Shop

reFit Shop

In the reFit Shop, you can buy cool new items for your avatar and more. Use the reFit Coins that you collected by playing different games to stand out of the crowd!

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